Journal Observatory

Journal Observatory prototype

The Journal Observatory prototype is a proof-of-concept demonstrator which integrates journal information from diverse open data sources including DOAJ, Sherpa Romeo and others, as well as directly from publishers. It shows the power of combining information from these different sources to support three primary use-case areas: open access publishing, preprinting and peer review procedures. By making this information available, we support researchers, publishers, funders and research institutions to make informed decisions and monitor compliance. The prototype comes both with interfaces for machines and with a user-friendly web interface for humans.

There are two interfaces for machines: a SPARQL endpoint and a REST API. The source code of these interfaces is available in this GitHub repository.

The web interface for humans is provided by the Journal Observatory Browser. The source code of the Journal Observatory Browser is available in this GitHub repository.

The source code used for collecting, converting, unifying, and aggregating journal information from various data sources using the Scholarly Communication Platform Framework is available in this GitHub repository.